• How to become a member

Successfully Complete the Introduction Course: We like to get to know you and allow you a chance to see what the sport involves before you make the commitment to join. Introduction courses need to be booked by contacting the secretary on secretary@wodongahandgunclub.org.au

Join the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (S.S.A.A): This is an annual fee, you will be issued a S.S.A.A Membership Card for use at S.S.A.A ranges Australia wide. You can join online at www.ssaa.org.au

Participate in at least 3 NORI shoots: Vic Police require that all unlicenced people complete a NORI before they may use a handgun until licenced. Adults can undertake 10 NORI’s, juniors can only do 3. Note: the form requires 2 forms of ID.

Apply for Membership to Wodonga Handgun Club (Must have S.S.A.A Membership Number ): This is an annual fee, you will be issued a membership card which also provides your Annual Range Pass. The application form can be downloaded from our website: www.wodongahandgunclub.org.au

Successfully Complete the Handgun Safety Course: Safety is our number 1 priority, we need to know that you can safely operate a handgun and ensure that you can follow our Range Rules. You will need to have demonstrated that you are competent with basic handgun use & safety before you can sit it.

Getting your Victorian Handgun License
After becoming a member of the Club, you will need to attend a safety course. The Safety Handgun Courses are conducted at the handgun range by appointment. Please contact the secretary on secretary@wodongahandgunclub.org.au to organise a course. Please allow upto three (3) months from joining to sit the safety course. Once completed the course you need to fill in the appropriate forms for the licensing branch and returned with in 7 days.
The next step is to apply for the permit to carry and use general category handgun during probationary period. This period lasts for 6 months. You cannot own a handgun while you are a probationary member, but you are able to use a club handgun.
An attendance diary must be kept, with at least 5 competitive matches by the end of the 6 months. After this period you are able to purchase a .22 rimfire handgun by submitting a permit to acquire a handgun form to the licensing branch and meeting the safe storage requirements. After a further 6 months at the conclusion of your probationary period, you then may be able to purchase a centre fire handgun if you wish.

Getting your NSW Handgun License
Our NSW range approval numbers are;
Pistol Shooting Club Approval # 408906279
Target Shooting Club Approval # 407933083
These numbers need to be quoted on your NSW license application form to save confusion at the licensing branch. Other wise your application maybe rejected because of the Victorian location of the range.

Forms and Information
» SSAA membership form
» IPSC Vic Membership
» IHMSA Membership form
(international Handgun Silhouette Assoc)

» Vic Handgun participation laws
» Trying Out and Receiving Instruction
» Approved Handgun Shooting Matches
» Annual Handgun Participation Report

» How To Apply For NSW Firearm Licence
» NSW Probationary Pistol Licence
» NSW Participation Requirements for Club Members
» NSW Genuine Reason – Target Shooting

Wodonga Club Membership forms are available from the Secretary after your expression of interest to join has been reviewed by the committee. Membership fee is $180 + SSAA
You can download your handgun license application and permit to purchase a hand gun forms from your appropriate state licensing branch. See links below.

Useful Links
» SSAA Organization
» Victorian firearm licensing branch
» NSW firearm licensing branch
» SSAA Wodonga

WHGC Membership forms

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